Friday, August 24, 2007

To blog or not to blog

But that's not the question, since I've decided finally, after so many requests from so many people (read exaggeration), to blog. This is intended to be my technical blog, about all the funny and stupid and tragic things that I do with technology.

Why Tux Playground? Tux is the name of the penguin that first chased Linus Torvalds, and since then, the whole world has been chasing him, including me. Playground because its all about hacks and tweaks! I think thats all about it. See you again :-)

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Waseem Ahmad said...

hi Kazim. Well i know that you've got almost all the stuff which makes a great hacker...i hope you'll be posting some very funny and sometimes(remember sometimes) some serious hacks related to GNU/Linux......happy hacking oops blogging..!!