Saturday, August 25, 2007

Get organised!

This one goes out to all my friends and foes who are a part of FLOSS community. Now is the right moment for all of us to get more organised. We don't have much time. Its now or its never. The FLOSS community is calling upon us. Get involved!

You are a free programmer or designer or developer. You are free to do whatever you want. You are free to develop software for yourself. You are free to make it big and better. But not for very long. Because as soon as you get a job, your freedom is lost. The fun for programming is over. Your spirit dies when you do it for money and position.

Imagine, you are a software engineer. Working for 9 hours a day. You just got a 100 page specification from your boss. You got a deadline. And now, painful days of working like a machine. 'Machine' because you are to do what you are told. You cannot innovate. You are not allowed to think. You ain't free. Your freedom sold in dollars.

Again, imagine you are an open source developer. The scenario is different now. You are working on a project you chose for yourself. You are enthusiastic about your work. You've new and great ideas and you are gonna implement them. The fun of programming is alive and everyday is a holiday. You innovate new things, and you find appreciation. You find greatness.

As Niyam (at ILUGD) puts it, "You are born unknown. You'll die unknown. You won't be great if you don't do great things. Join the free software community and get known. Then only you'll be called great. Find that greatness!"

As a student, you've taken the freedom you enjoy for granted. But once you've a boss, you are no longer free. You are a slave of your boss, and your boss is a slave of his boss.

You don't need to be a Linux geek to join us. All you need is a belief in software freedom. There's no second to waste. Rise against ignorance. Make everyone aware of free software. Participate in development! Get known. Get your friends involved. is near. Fasten your seat belts! We've to make it bigger than ever. Free your friends from proprietary software. Involve as many people as you can! Tell everyone what is free software. Tell them to use it. Invite them to Freed.

Gear up! The world is yours!

And don't hesitate to ask me if you don't know what to do.

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Waseem Ahmad said...

I would like to add You will become slave of your boss, your boss will become slave of his boss and his boss will become slave of the client...ha ha.... dude i'm coming to freed for sure..

Kazim Zaidi said...

As Niyam had put it, the actual word wasn't slave. But on ethical grounds, I censored *the word*.

You're not just coming, you'll be organizing!

Waseem Ahmad said...

well i appreciate that you censored that *word* but if you use that, i think, people would really start thinking of using free software not only for development purposes but also for daily use since the reality is within the *word*.
The power of free software is increasing so rapidly that sooner or later proprietary software users will be compelled to use it.But why not evangelize them to use free software before it's late for them.People use free software or....become a slave..
Come to Freed.