Sunday, November 4, 2007

TuxCoders made it at Nerdz!

We're excited. We're happy! And we're the winners. At Nerdz 2007, Jamia Hamdard!

For those who don't know, Nerdz is the annual technical fest organized by Department of Computer Sciences at Jamia Hamdard. They host a variety of contests, including on the spot programming, overnight coding, debugging etc.

So we were the team known as TuxCoders. We were four - me, shamail, aaveg & bharat. And we bagged three prizes! So we really rocked!

Envision, the predesigned software contest. Shamail & Aaveg presenting JamP2P. There was no second thought about being the first.

Crack the Shell, the unix shell programming contest. Me & Shamail. And we won by a big margin! Who needs to say more?

Google Dance, the googling competition. Google and find answers to weird questions. Me & Bharat. And we got the second prize, again!

It felt somewhat deceiving, when we had to pay 500 bucks as the participation charges. It seemed a big risk! However, our confidence rose as the day passed. And the end, we bagged three trophies! And free food for the two days for all participants! So we made a good deal in the end.

Nerdz '07 was a success, and we enjoyed a lot! I wished we had more guys from our college. But there's always a "next time"! But now, its time to celebrate! TuxEnjoy!


tuxdna said...


You people deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Congrats..... u all guys...

From Jamia Hamdard

Mohd. Rafi Ansari
Mohd. Kashan A. Khan

(MCA 2nd Yr.)

Akshay Gupta said...

Hey Congrats Guys, I forgot to mention it earlier, as i was busy from quite some time, but i really appreciate and glad to know that you made it which was undoubtedly expected :)
rock guys!!
And most imp Party banti hai :)